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Popup Error in Outlook Add-in when Start and Due Date are Same Day


I guess it is not an error, but it is an annoying warning that won't stop. I am using v4.1.0 (build 3106) and the 4.1 version of the Outlook Add-in. When there is an Item created with a Start and Due date set to the same day, Outlook starts irregularly popping up a modal dialog to let me know, "Gemini Issue Start Date cannot be AFTER Due Date (ASL-03-427)." The pop-up does not provide any links and the only reference to the Item is the Project code/number (e.g. ASL03-427). What is going on here? Is this a bug or something else? To fix it (work-around) I have to go find the Item and set the Start date back a day. Did I mention this is a modal dialog and often comes back after hitting okay within a few minutes? Thank you - Jeremy

Accuraty / Jeremy
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Accuraty / Jeremy
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··· Added it as a bug, we will fix this for the next hot fix release.Mark WingFriday, July 29, 2011, 8:45:31 PM

Mark Wing
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Mark Wing