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what permission is required for UserService.WhoAmI call



Can you please help me with permission problem?

I'm trying to get UserEN variable using Gemini API with the following code

var user = _sm.UsersService.WhoAmI()

where _sm is an instance of ServiceManager class. It had been working for some time.

Unfourtunately now I'm getting error with message 'User A B does not have permission for: get user.' with stack source that points to the WhoAmI call in my code:

   at CounterSoft.Gemini.WebServices.BaseService.ThrowResponseException(WebResponse response)
   at CounterSoft.Gemini.WebServices.BaseService.ProcessResponse[T](String url, Object obj, RequestType requestType)
   at CounterSoft.Gemini.WebServices.BaseService.WhoAmI()
   at tfsUndGemini.CheckInForm.Commit()

I've tried to check Quick permissions user guide but failed to find permission for 'get user'.

Can you please help me and specify what type of permission in the Gemini user permissions should be turned on to make it possible to get UserEN instance?

Thank you

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Any registered Gemini user can call this method. Can it be that your user is not enabled? Also, are you using windows authentication with Gemini?

··· yes Windows auth is used to connect via API or Web interface. In the Web interface I'm able to post comments to issues I can get my issues via API using _sm.IssuesService.GetMyWork();User10540Friday, July 22, 2011, 11:40:54 AM

Mark Wing
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Mark Wing
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the evil is in details:

for the Windows authentication I need to specify windows login name to make UserService.WhoAmI works:

new ServiceManager(s.GeminiURL, WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent().Name, "", "", true);

but IssuesService.GetMyWork() is working without login name:

new ServiceManager(s.GeminiURL, "", "", "", true);
··· Thanks for posting your solutionMark WingFriday, July 22, 2011, 12:33:56 PM

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