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Can I export hierarchy info to the Excel extract?


I'm evaluating Gemini v4 (currently we use v3.7) and am interested in the hierarchy function which looks really useful. A key requirement I have is the ability to be able to produce a report (could be based on the Excel extract) which allows me to show which items belong to which parent items, e.g. show which enhancements/new features a high-level requirement is comprised of.

The simplest way I could think of achieving this was to include a column in the issues list that shows the item number of the immediate parent item and then extract the list to Excel, however I couldn't find this data item in the Available Properties of the Items List View.

Have I just missed this from the Available Properties list or is there another way I can output the hierarchy?

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Unfotunately, that is not possible at the moment. What you could do is leverage the Gemini api to produce this report.

Mark Wing
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Mark Wing