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Getting issues with multiple search parameters


I'm new to Gemini API and I'm trying to search for Issues with multiple values in the criteria but it seems that IssuesFilterEN object can only accept 1 value. Is that right? The web interface allows user to select multiple values in each filter like multiple Status and multiple Resources.

Here's my code:

ServiceManager serviceMrg = new ServiceManager(gemURL, userName, pwd, apiKey, false);
IssuesFilterEN issueFilter = new IssuesFilterEN();
issueFiler.ProjectID = "1";
issueFiler.SearchKeywords = "test";
issueFiler.ExcludeClosed = true;
//this works
issueFiler.IssueStatus = "1";
issueFiler.Resources = "2";

//but i want to search issues that has IssueStatus of 1 or 3 for Resources 1 or 2, is this possible?
//issueFiler.IssueStatus = "1,3";
//issueFiler.Resources = "1,2"; 

IssueEN[] issues = serviceMrg.IssuesService.GetFilteredIssues(issueFilter);


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Yes, seperate the ids with a pipe (|):

issueFiler.IssueStatus = "1|3";
issueFiler.Resources = "1|2";

Saar Cohen
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Saar Cohen