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Invalid DateTime exception


I am using the C# API.

I am calling GetFilteredIssues() setting the RevisedAfter member on the filter. Currently I have got a DateTime object and am setting the RevisedAfter to be oDateTime.ToString().

This worked fine until I installed Gemini on our live server which installed it as 'en-us' locale. I then got an exception that 'the string was not recognized as a valid DateTime'. I have fixed this by setting the Gemini server to use 'en-GB' locale.

Is there a way I can set the RevisedAfter to be a locale neutral value? Or is there a way to get the locale the Gemini server is using so I can adjust the format?

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There is no way to make it locale netural. You can get the Gemini Configuration entity via the admin service (you need to be admin) and check the DefaultCultureName property for this.
Note that this is not from the web.config file!

Saar Cohen
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Saar Cohen