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Mailbox Processor - Scheduler


Hi Guys,

We have just recently turned on windows authentication. Since then we had to remove and re-added all the mailboxes processor so the test button would work (it used to work).

We are having an issue that new issues are not getting created automatically from the mail boxes, unless the test button is clicked.

We are using 3.6. I am not sure where/how the scheduler is set up. If this is the issue, Could someone please explain or point me to a doco?


Regards, Sattra Sachdev

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You will need to setup the scheduler to run under a domain user account that has access to the Gemini site. You do that via the services control panel, click properties on the scheduler service and set the login details in the log on tab.

Please restart the service and check for any errors in the windows application lof (event viewer)

Saar Cohen
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Saar Cohen