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Component ought to link to Sub-components


I love the concept of a Component hierarchy being definable, but it doesn't seem behave in some ways I'd expect. 

Let's say I have a "master" component, and 3 "sub components" (e.g. the master is "Alerts" and the subs are "E-mail alerts," "Pop-Ups," and "Validations").  Because this is defined as a hierarchy in Gemini, I expect that when I filter to see all projects for component "Alerts" that I'll see everything attached to either the master directly or any of the subs.  Nope--I only get things attached directly to the master.  I have to select the master AND all of the subs to see everything.

Related, when I graph by Component, I see each of the subs, and a section for "only attached to the master".  Again, using the hierarchy would be awesome--I'd like to be able to graph just the "top level of the hierarchy" master components, breaking out into their subcomponents if I ask for that level of detail. 

Not super annoying, and I can work around it, but confusing.  It feels like the only way the "subcomponent" concept is used at all is whether to indent when displaying the list of components...

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We have considered that in the past but then it limits you. There will be no way of filtering by the master component only. Imagine you'd like to view all issue for "master" without any subs, you select master in the component filter but get all "subs" as well....

The way it works at the moment is more flexible, you can easilty select all "subs" as they are shown as a tree structure in the filter.

Saar Cohen
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Saar Cohen