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Create Quick Issue vs. Create Quick Issues?


We're on Gemini 3.7.2, and when I'm in a project view, and I mouse over 'Create Issue' on the right hand side navigation bar, a list drops down that has 3 items:

Create Issue Create Quick Issue Create Quick Issues

Is that last entry supposed to be there (and theres documentation for it) or is that some kind of glitch?



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Yes, they all should be there:

  • The top level "Create Issue" (the one you hover over) will open a new create issue page.
  • The first entry ("Create issue") will open a popup windows to create an issue, you will not be directed to the issue after creating it.
  • "Create Quick Issue" will open a popup to enter basic issue details.
  • "Create Quick Issues" will open a popup to enter basic issue details for multiple issues. Imagine you are in a weekly meeting and tester / devs are reporting issues, you can use this to enter those.

Saar Cohen
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Saar Cohen