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hey guys!

i tried to create an issue via the GeminiWS Webservice ( )


the problem is that i want to create an issue with more than 1 attachment and a customfield . is that possible?

there is the CreateIssueWithAttachment webservice. but i can only create one attachment with it, right? and the other problem is, that the nodes:


inside the data element wont work. all other nodes are working. if i use the CreateIssueWithCustomFields web service and use the upper described nodes outside the data node it will work for the customfields. but then i have the problem that the Attachment node inside the data node wont work.

but then i have the problem with the attachments. im using the soap 1.2 request.

here is a full sample i used:


 <CreateIssueWithAttachment xmlns="">
              <IssueSummary>Test issue - Gemini WebService</IssueSummary>
                  <!--User xsi:nil="true"/-->
                  <!--Component xsi:nil="true"/-->

bold marked stuff wont work.

Italic marked stuff works, but only outside the data node. there is an attachment node inside the data node, but this wont work. can someone tell me why?

thank you for hopefully helping me :)

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not helpful

This is not possible at the moment with this web service.

You could add the attachments as comment ones.

Feel free to add it to our list:


Saar Cohen
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Saar Cohen