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how to create new SQL database



I am not very good with MS SQL, so if anyone can help me, i have been able to get the sample database working, and would like to start with a fresh database for our stuff.

I can not seem to get the tables to create? I have created a new database in SQL, then run the *.SQL scripts, but i do not get any new tables created, i have tried to name the database gemini, and GeminiSample but get the same results each time.

Can anyone list the steps to creating a database and importing the *.sql files.




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Create the database and give it any name, say Gemini

Open the createtables.sql script in managment studio and make sure that the Gemini database is selected in the datbases combo box (top), run it.

Do the same for createviews and procs.sql

Saar Cohen
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Saar Cohen