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scripting typical administration setups



Hi we have a typical process that we have to follow for all new client intakes and I was hoping to find a way to script this from a batch file / powershell weather directly interecting with gemini or using wmi. 

These are our normal steps:

Open http://gemini via Internet Explorer Click on the Administration link on the top navigation bar Under Global Settings in the left navigation bar click on the Projects link Under the Maintain Projects header click the Create Project link In the Create Project form enter the following values and click Create: Project Code: (provided by Community team, known as the short code for the site, e.g. AIC, BR, CB) Project Name: Project Description: Content and Design Issues Lead: Amber Authier Under the Security Settings header in the left navigation bar click on the User Access link Select the newly created project from the Select Project list, the Issue Worker scheme from the Select Security Setting Scheme list, and all users from the Select Users list except ###### and the anonymous user Click the Update button and repeat to set ###### for Project Administration Open the newly created project and click on the Project Administration link in the project header In the left navigation bar click on the Resourcing link Assign all users except the anonymous user and administrative accounts (ending in .admin) to the project. In the left navigation bar click on the Components link Under the Component Maintenance header click the Create component for this project link In the New Component form enter the following values and click Create: Component Name: General Component Description: General Repeat steps j and k for the following standard list of components: Band Discussion Board Homepage Interact/Community Mailing List News Newsletter Music Store Tour

If someone could point me to where I can find the information I'm looking for and example scripts that would be deeply appreciated.

or if a dev person reads this please email me the information


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You should be able to do this using Gemini web services quite easily.

Which version of Gemini?

Saar Cohen
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Saar Cohen