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Issues by Severity on project page does not work


Running: Gemini 3.1.1, Build 2212 on Win2008 Std server

For all of our projects, the "home" page has the various Issue Filters on the right side of the screen.  Issues by Type, by Priority and by Status all display fine: I see the various values and the number of issues.

Issues by Severity, however, is blank -- no values listed.   I do have a custom Severity scheme, and it works fine for creating and listing issues, just not on this page.   I've double checked all the settings and all seems fine.  So why would the list of Severities not show??

While digging into this, I did find some apparent bugs in what seems to be a related source file:

website root\project\ProjectSeverityBreakdown.ascx

has these two potential problems:
1) the Table ID is shown as id="TableProjectIssuesByPriority
      My guess is that probably should be TableProjectIssuesBySeverity
2)  the first <td> tag (for the image) has two Width values.

I was hoping that changing these would fix it, but no such luck. 

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


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I may have found the problem, but would like to confirm.   In SP geminigetprojectsummaryissuesbyseverity, there is a hard-coded inner join based on ProjectId =3 (highlighted below).   In my environment, we no longer have a ProjectId=3, thus the empty result set.

Is this the same SP code that everyone else has?

Are the other hard-coded values (visibilitymembertype=2 and 3) ok?


ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[geminigetprojectsummaryissuesbyseverity]
/* issues by severity (all issues) /
SELECT a.severityid,a.severitydesc,ISNULL(b.issuecount, 0) AS issuecount
FROM gemini_issueseverity a
(SELECT issueseverityid, COUNT(
) AS issuecount FROM geminiissues WHERE projectid=@projectid
AND issuestatusid NOT IN (SELECT statusid FROM gemini
AND (@viewown = 0 OR (@viewown = 1 AND (geminiissues.reportedby = @userid or @userid in (select ir.userid from geminiissueresources ir where ir.issueid = geminiissues.issueid) ) ) )
AND ((gemini
issues.visibilitymembertype=2 and @userid in (select gg.userid from geminiglobalgroupmembership gg where gg.globalgroupid = geminiissues.visibility)) or (geminiissues.visibilitymembertype=3 and @userid in (select pg.userid from geminiprojectgroupmembership pg where pg.projectgroupid = geminiissues.visibility))
GROUP BY issueseverityid) b
ON a.severityid=b.issueseverityid
projects p ON p.projectid = 3
INNER JOIN gemini_issueseverityschemeitems issi ON issi.issueseverityschemeid = p.issueseverityschemeid AND issi.severityid = a.severityid
ORDER BY issi.seq


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Yes, this should be fixed in the latest download.

Saar Cohen
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Saar Cohen