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Add custom field data when creating a new issue using the webservice


I am creating a new issue using the webservice and I need to add data to my custom fields. I have not been able to find documentation or an example of how to do this. I have tried creating a "CustomFieldDataEN" object populating it with data and then passing it into my "IssueEN" object. When I try to do this I get a type conversion error. What is the process that I need to be using to do this. Below is the code that I am currently using:

IssueEN data = new IssueEN();
            UserEN user;
            bool result = false;
            CustomFieldDataEN Cfield1 = new CustomFieldDataEN();
            Cfield1.CustomFieldID = 1;
            Cfield1.CustomFieldData = "Test";

            IssueComponentEN[] iceComps = new IssueComponentEN[1];
            iceComps[0] = new IssueComponentEN();

            iceComps[0].ComponentID = 1;
            data.Components = iceComps;
            data.FixedInVersion = 0;
            data.IssueLongDesc = "This is another test";
            data.IssuePriority = 1;
            data.IssueResolution = 1;
            data.IssueStatus = 1;
            data.IssueSummary = "This is another test";
            data.IssueType = 1;
            data.IssueSeverity = 1;
            data.ReportedBy = 1;
            data.RiskLevel = 1;
            data.Visibility = 1;
            data.VisibilityMemberType = GeminiConstant.SecurityMemberType.GlobalGroup;
            data.IssueCustomFieldData[0] = Cfield1;
            data.ProjectID = 1;

            // Note that this might throw a security exception.
            ServiceManager serviceManager = new ServiceManager("http://myserver/gemini/webservices");
            result = serviceManager.SetAuthenticationTokenOnAllServices("username", "password");
            user = serviceManager.AuthorisationServices.LogIn("username", "password");
            data.IssueID = serviceManager.IssueServices.CreateIssue(data);

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This should work:

CustomFieldDataEN[] Cfield1 = new CustomFieldDataEN[1];

            Cfield1 = new CustomFieldDataEN();
            Cfield1[0].CustomFieldID = 1; // Make sure this is a vaild custom field id.
            Cfield1[0].CustomFieldData = "Test";


data.IssueCustomFieldData = Cfield1;

Saar Cohen
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Saar Cohen