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Emailed Issues - Assign Owner based on AD Lookup?



I've been reviewing the documentation for Gemini and have found very little about how emailing issues works.

I intend on setting up multiple mailboxes to handle issues for different projects. Some of these emails will come from external (unknown) users, and some will come from internal (known from Active Directory, but not necessarily set up in Gemini) users.

The behavior I'd like is as follows:

If an internal user sends an email with an issue, the issue gets autogenerated and the reporter gets set to the AD account of the sender. To accomplish this, Gemini would need to do an AD lookup based on the email address. I don't see anything about how to possibly accomplish this.

If an external user sends an email with an issue - who gets set as the reporter?


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The mailbox processor out of the box uses a configured user id as the reporter. Most customers create a specific user in Gemini for this.

If you'd like to change this you could dowload the source for the scheduler (which includes the mailbox processor) and amend it to do an AD lookup, create a user if needed and make the user the reporter.

Mark Wing
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Mark Wing