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Sharing Views over URL


We miss a possibility to generate a permanent URL for custom views. The objective is to be able sharing the view as somebody sets it on his/her screen accross computers and users (e.g. by sending a link over mail, IM, present it on intranet). Custom field filters should be included, as well as the selection of issue properties.

Now, the view filters and presented issue properties, sorting etc. are defined by combination of URL query parameters, posted form parameters and personal preferences. This makes impossible to share the views (sending a generated Excel sheet is not sharing per se).

The requested feature could be implemented  e.g. in the form of an additional link (permanent link) generated with each view (available along the Excel and print links), which will carry all details necessary for the view generation in query parameters, and will override, for the particular request, the user and other preferences.


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not helpful

We have added it to our list:

Thanks for the idea.

Saar Cohen
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Saar Cohen