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Is there a bug on create/edit form with required custom field


Hi there

I've created a custom field which I've said is a required field, however I only want to use this field for internal company. As such I have not enbled it on the create form for all users.(e.g. clients)

I have found when this custom field is set to be required that client can no-longer submit an issue - the form just simply won't submit.

I think what is happening is that form has found that there is a field that is required and would normal show you red text to this effect when you try to submit it, however since the field is not on the form it can't do this and just stops you.

Surely if the field is not on the due to the field visibility configuration then this validations should not a apply?

Any thoughts?

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Can you set a default value for the field to overcome this?

We will look into fixing this for 3.1:

Saar Cohen
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Saar Cohen