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Archived projects still visible on home page



Having an issue with archived projects. We've migrated from 2.0.2 up to 3.0.3 and have cleaned up alot of auto-generated Global Groups and Schemes.

All projects now have the same scheme applied to them, and clients are to be given access via a Project level group.

This is working well as Gemini Admins are seeing just the active projects, and the Clients are seeing just the project they've been assigned, however a Global Group called Developers, which has a smaller set of permissions within the Default Scheme is for some reason able to see all projects using the Default Scheme, even the ones which are marked as Archived. Archived and Locked also doesnt change the situation.

Is there something specific I need to do to stop this behaviour? If one of the admin users is removed from Gemini Admins and set to Developers group, they start to experience this behaviour too. On moving the user back to Gemini Admins, the problem goes away.

We've tried to give the Developers the same set of permissions in the Default Scheme as the Gemini Admins, but this has no effect. We also tried creating a new Global Group called "Admins" and given them the same permissions as the Developer group and later the Gemini Admins group, but this has no effect.

What's special about "Gemini Administrators" group. Need this resolved asap...



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This is a bug which will be fixed for 3.0.4, due out next week.

Saar Cohen
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Saar Cohen