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invalid hyperlinks in email alerts?


I've just installed Gemini (since I downloaded the installer today, I am assuming it is the latest/greatest) and am still working on fine tuning all the various settings.  So far the only way I was able to get email alerts to come through was by choosing the MailPlugin.

So now that I have a few email alerts, I noticed that the embedded link that says "Click here to view the issue" is constructed incorrectly.  It is linking to:

http://localhost/gemini/Default.aspx ... which of course does not work.

In the Administration ->Global Settings->General page, I have set the right/custom URL for our webserver in the "Full Gemini URL" field, and even selected Yes in the next option "Enforce Gemini URL".

Any ideas?

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Please restart the web app.

Saar Cohen
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Saar Cohen