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E-Mail without subject in some projects


Hey, we got a hosted system at Countersoft. Today one of our employees claimed, that he got not subject in his E-Mail Alert. It´s just one certain. The other E-Mail alerts work fine. What can I do ?

Also I wanna know something about the DropDownList. It is possible to put my Labels into the List ?

I mean, i got 5 Labels, for examples.

Project A, B, C ... and so on.

Each Project contains a lot of sub things about the project.

Now the DropDownList just show me the Sub things.

Like :

XML Parser GUI .-... ... ...

But i want something like this :

Project A XML Parser GUI Project B .. ... ...

It would be such nicer when the Label will be displayed too. It this possible ?

Kind regards,

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Can you please forward the blank email to support at countersoft dot com?

As for the drop down list, I am not sure I follow.

Do you wnat the items to be seperated by project? If so you can add a project id column to the lookup table and set the custom field to filter by projet id.

Saar Cohen
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Saar Cohen