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Single Sign On



I am trying to get Gemini to work with our company website via a single sign on. I can get this work perfectly using the PLAIN setting in Gemini for the password encryption but cannot work out what steps I must take to encrypt the passwrod before sending.

Can someone explain how I would go about this?

I would like to use the HASHED setting and would be calling the SSO.aspx from C# .Net so will need to how what encryption I must use and what the Key should be in the SSOKey setting in Gemini.

Any help would be really great as I don't have long to get this up and running.

Thanks in advance


Oliver Cox
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Oliver Cox
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Use GeminiHelper:

string pwd = "your clear text password here";

string encryptKey = "countersoft"; // This is your key as is in the web.config file.

pwd = new CounterSoft.Gemini.Commons.GeminiHelper().Encrypt(pwd, encryptKey);

Response.Redirect("http://localhost/gemini/security/sso.aspx?u=manager&p=" + pwd);

Saar Cohen
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Saar Cohen