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Hiding the Schedule and Time Tracking tabs


Hi CounterSoft,

I'm trying to make some changes to Gemini in order to hide some functions from external users. We have a couple of items/functions that we don't want our external users to have access to - specifically Schedule and Time Tracking, because we won't be using these functions.
I have been able to hide the Time Tracking tab from the Project Summary - and i'm guessing its because the external users (group) don't have permissions to log time - it is however still showing in the top menu next to "My Work", "My Profile" etc. I want it hiding here aswell - is it possible?
As for the Schedule - it doesn't seem to be possible to hide this tab from certain users via the Field Visibility Schemes or Security Schemes.
Please note that "Manage Schedule" and "View Schedule" are not set for our External Users group.

I have access to the Gemini v3.0.4 source code, so is it possible to make some simple changes in order to hide the Schedule tab like the Time Tracking tab?

Morten Christensen

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support will contact you via email, shortly.

Saar Cohen
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Saar Cohen