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Restore Gemini DB on an onther SQL Server 2000 instanz and run update script



i've some trouble with a sql server 2000 db.
the db uses sql server auth

i make a backup from the DB and take the backup to an other sqlserver, i had
restored the database at ther new server.
i've create the db owner user on the new server and executed
spchangeuserslogin 'UpdateOne', 'username', 'loginname' 
now my gemini application works fine. but i would like to update my gemini db from 2.0.5 to 2.1.1 if, i start query analyzer and login as the db owner and
start a query
select *
rom issues
at the restored db i recieved an error
"Server: Nachr.-Nr. 208, Schweregrad 16, Status 1, Zeile 1
Ungültiger Objektname 'issues'." means the Object issues is invalid, but the
table exists. the same query on the original db Server is ok i recieved the
right result

i find out, if i run select *
from geminiuser.issues i recieved the right result
run i only issues without geniniuser. before issue i recieved an error.
My Problem is if i run the db update script, i recieved some errors, because the table names will not be found

Many Thanks for your help

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not helpful

Please see:

basically, you need to change the owner of the Gemini tables etc...

Saar Cohen
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Saar Cohen