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Custom Field Checkbox not Updating or Displaying Value correctly



I am using custom fields in my project, but they do not seem to be saving or showing correctly.
I am running Gemini v3.0.2 (Build 1980)

The details of the Field are:

Custom Field Name: Tested Locally
IsActive: True
Custom Field Type: Checkbox
ScreenOrder: 1
Default Value on Screen: empty
Is visible on issue create: No
Is visible on issue edit: Yes
Is visible on issue view: Yes

This field will show up in the tasks, but whenever i edit the task and set the checkbox to checked and update. The checked status is never saved.

Also, even though the Is visible on issue create is NO. the fields are still there when creating a new issue.

If i set the Default Value to 1 (being true?), when i view the task, even though it is now ticked in the task edit mode. When just viewing the task, the checkbox is unchecked.

Is there something that i am not doing correctly?

Thanks for your time,


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We can not seem to replicate this issue. Please try 3.0.3.

As for the field showing app, this is controlled from the visiblity scheme.

Saar Cohen
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Saar Cohen