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See list of Watched items?


Hi, new forum member and just a grunt Gemini user so apologies if this is a 'noob' question.

We use 2.0.5 and I can see issues assigned to me using the 'My Work' link at top right.

However there are several issues I have raised and assigned to others (deployment requests, etc.) which I have opted to 'Watch'. Is it possible to display a list of all my Watched issues? This seems like a basic requirement so I suspect it's just that we don't have it configured.

The people who set it up for us have, of course, long since departed..

Thank you!

Paul Westerman
MGM Advantage

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This is not possible with 2.0.5, its been added as of 2.1. We are now at version 3.0.2.

Mark Wing
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Mark Wing