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Requesting Suggestions For Maintaining Gemini Integrity (random people putting junk into Gemini)


The way CounterSoft runs their installation of Gemini, is that any user can create an account and create issues. In our situation, we would like to emulate that, except add one additional step. The additional step would be to allow somebody local to "review" the new issue before it is made public. That way, if somebody creates a bogus or flaming issue, it will not be made public immediately because it will be deleted by the "moderator" or project manager.

As it's currently configured, I'm not sure of any way to force an issue to be private, and then somebody with enough privileges changes it to public once they've validated that it is legit.

Any suggestions for implementing a workflow like the above mentioned in Gemini?

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You can make the issue private as soon as it is created by creating an SQL trigger on the issues table.

The issue with this will be, that the user that created the issue will not be able to see it after creation.

You can also create a seperate app that will use web services to check for new issues and make them private, the app can run every 10 minutes and will mark new issues as private. This might be a better approach as the user will (90% of the time) be able to see the created issue. 

Mark Wing
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Mark Wing