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License key not recognized



We bought a comercial license on 10-07-06, and you sent us the key in order to enter it into the web.config file. That worked until V 2.05, but now when I tried the latest version and I try to enter it  in Administration/licensing but gemini says "Your current product subscription prohibits the use of this product VERSION - please renew your product subscription".
Shouldn't we have a year of products updates ?
¿ How can I enter the license ?
¿ Do we need a new license number ?

Our Swreg Order Number was G500854 and it was successfully refunded on 2006-07-18 21:57:24.

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We have sent all customers a new license key in March. If your order was refunded that means that you are not a customer and therefore can not use the license even for 2.0.5.

Can you please clarify?

Saar Cohen
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Saar Cohen