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Multiple roles per user


It would be nice if a single user could have multiple 'roles' - for example, "developer" and "manager." The use case is the lead developer who deals with assigning issues within his team, but also works on some issues himself. Issues that he needs to assign get assigned to him to start with, but they mix freely with things that he's actually assigned to himself (i.e. things that he intends to do).

If he could have multiple 'hats' - say 'developer' and 'manager' - then his name would show up in user listings once for each role (e.g. "Joe Bloggs (developer)") and he'd have a dropdown menu that would let him switch roles at any time.

I realise you could accomplish this through multiple user accounts but that doesn't work with IWA.

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I see your point. Feel free to add it to our list:


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