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Windows authentication and domain prefix


I'm currently re-evaluating Gemini and hope it will meet my department's demand for issue tracking. There's only one minor issue I can't solve.

I've used the MSDN recommendations on how to create an ASP.NET service account:

  • Created an Active Directory service account
  • Used aspnet_regiis.exe to assign ASP.NET permissions
  • Created a custom application pool with custom identity
  • Configured gemini to run in the new application pool
  • Configured SQL Server security to use windows authentication
  • Created a SPN for the custom account to use Kerberos for Windows authentication
  • Set web.config to use windows authentication mode instead of forms
  • Configured integrated windows authentication

I've matched the user settings in Gemini with Active Directory, but it doesn't work. I discovered that it works when I edit the user name in Gemini and prefix the domain. Username doesn't work, domain\username works.

Is there a setting in Windows, IIS or Gemini I've overlooked or is this by design?

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You have to create the users in Gemini prefixed by the domain (DOMAIN\USER).

Saar Cohen
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Saar Cohen