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I have seen the feature a lot in forums and would love to have the ability to mark a issue with a sticky which would cause it to be stuck to the top of the list. Maybe there is a better solution to what I really need because I'm doing this so that I can leave issues permenantly open. These issues I use for adding time for misc tasks so that I can track every minute of my day. Because these tasks never change and are never ending they also never get closed and they will eventually drop down the list of issues to the bottom which I don't want to happen. This is why I want to stick the issue to the top.

Anyone have any ideas?

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You can do it by using creating a new plugin that will update the issue for every other issue update or using an SQL trigger on the issues table to update the revised by for these issues on every update.

Feel free to add it to our list:


Mark Wing
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Mark Wing