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Scheduler - Pop3 Mailbox - Auto Issue Creation


From what I've seen the way the automated issue creation tool within the Scheduler works is that you have to define a MailBoxProcessor, which points to one project, one component in the project, creates an issue there that can only be one type and priority and created by one user.  It appears that you can define multiple MailBoxProcessors which would allow you to change some of those values and use the regex match to process the proper issues.  To me this is pretty much useless though, we have hundreds of projects with many components having many issues of varying types and priorities.  And we add new projects all the time, I can't maintain all of that in a config file, its just not practical.  For the tool to be useful, there should be some email subject format that an email can follow that would allow the subject to indicate the project, component, priority, and type.  Otherwise to me, the tool serves no purpose, even though it could be pretty handy if worked as described above.

If I am incorrect in my assesment, can someone please let me know what I am doing wrong?

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Every customer works differently and it is impossible to meet all customers expectations.

Most of our customers work with a constant number of projects and the tool fits them perfectly.

However, the source code of the scheduler (and mailbox processor) is available to commercial license customers and you could easily change the code to suit your needs. We can also assist you if you wish.

Saar Cohen
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Saar Cohen