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How To Manage Scrum

Tuesday, December 27, 2011, 1:39:28 PM

Using Gemini with an Agile/Scrum methodology? Here’s a quick check list of things you need to do to get up and running quickly.

Project Setup

Create a Project for the software development being managed and set up your components as required.

Next ensure that your Versions are set up to match your Sprints (Project Administration -> Versions):

Setup your sprints

Note that you should allocated Start and Release dates for each version (Sprint).

Sprint Planning

The easy (and fun) part is actually planning what work items (issues) go into your Sprints. This is very simple in Gemini because you can quickly filter your issue base and allocate via drag-drop using the Planner feature:

Plan your sprints

Note how the Planner is influenced by what items you have filtered by: even the axis depth can be controlled to show more and less data elements.

Some tips on actual work items and selecting them for Sprints:

  • Allocate Start and Due dates to issues to help people remember the order of their work items
  • Allocate Estimated Effort to each issue and record actual time logs after work is complete
  • Close each work item (issue) when it is completed (this means changing issue status to CLOSED)

Sprint Progress Tracking

Use the Versions tab on the Project home page to quickly track Sprint progress:

View Burndown Chart

If more work items are added to the Sprint after it starts, then these can be seen as RED bars on the chart. It’s usually useful to watch for these as they may explain why all work items have not been completed by the end of the Sprint. (Technically speaking, ALL work items should be logged and agreed upon BEFORE the Sprint starts.

Product and Sprint Backlogs

Both Product and Sprint backlogs can be viewed from the Project’s Road Map tab:

View Product and Sprint Backlogs