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Visual Project Planning

Tuesday, December 27, 2011, 1:31:45 PM

So Gemini 3.7 is now available for download.  As usual, we will quickly transition from Beta status to Final release within the coming days. Here’s a brief summary of what the new planning board brings to the table...

Project Planning Board – Not Just Scrum

No doubt about it, the Planner is the headline item of the 3.7 release:

Agile, Scrum Planning Board

It’s an intuitive Project Planner board that allows visual manipulation of currently filtered issues. There are some really neat things that put the Gemini Project Planner head and shoulders above the rest.

See Your Data

Firstly, you complete control what issues are displayed on the board by manipulating the Issues Filter:

Flexible Planner Filtering

Pick Your Axis

Secondly, you decide how to slice the data by selecting the axis type:

Planning Board Axis

Depth of Data

Thirdly, you choose the depth of each axis by filtered out unnecessary items:

Planning Board Axis Depth

Finally, items that cannot be placed onto the board and conveniently placed into the “Bench” for manipulation as required.  This allows you to select when to bring such items into play (by placing them onto the board).