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Closed Loop Software Development

Monday, December 26, 2011, 10:35:10 AM

Closed loop software development means having a complete cycle from inception, design, development, deployment and then in-the-field management. Sure Gemini provides sound project management capabilities to manage your software development from inception to delivery. But what exactly happens when you ship software?

  • How can you capture and record application errors in a robust manner?
  • What information do you need to capture in order for for Developers to correctly diagnose the root causes of application errors?
  • How often are these errors affecting your end users?

And the list of common sense questions goes on, yet very few of us actual implement scientific fault logging and management best practices into our applications.  Without some scientific data to guide your Developers towards producing better applications, you have not closed the loop in terms of building and managing deployed software.
So, say Hello to our  integration between Gemini and the truly fantastic Gibraltar Software from the guys over at eSymmetrix, Inc. Some official words:

Gibraltar works with Gemini to provide an elegant, streamlined workflow for finding and fixing bugs in your applications. Every error automatically reported and intelligently processed. Gemini cases opened only for application versions you care about and each case assigned the appropriate project, area and priority.

Watch the integration video and see how Gemini + Gibraltar will really help your team deliver world class applications built and managed the right way.

Gemini + Gibraltar

More material on this integration will be made available shortly, but here are some useful resources to get you going:

Take some time out and use the above resources to see how you can get your teams to improve their software development and ultimately, the end-user experience.