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Say Hello To Gemini 5

Monday, September 03, 2012, 4:40:41 PM

You could say that Gemini 5 is “game-changing” but the reality is that Gemini 5 has taken the “task & tracking” space into to a whole new world. It's been designed ground up to ensure customers can consolidate tracking and workflow across the enterprise without compromising niche capability. Gemini 5 does away with the need to use multiple tools like Jira, FogBugz, OnTime, Rally, VersionOne, TeamPulse, Zendesk and the like. Gemini 5 is the only tool you will ever need to manage software development, help desk, ticketing, testing and beyond.

We use Gemini 5 internally to manage EVERYTHING:

  • Scrum-style software development management
  • Testing & QA planning and tracking
  • Public product roadmap's
  • Private product vision management
  • Email-to-ticketing - turning all incoming email into tickets, placed into queues
  • Sales pipeline and lead management
  • Customer order and renewal management
  • Marketing activity management
  • Staff vacation management

Our entire company runs on Gemini 5. It works. Period.

Here’s quick run down of what’s new in Gemini starting with what you need to use Gemini 5.


We built Gemini 5 from the ground up to really change the game in terms of speed, capability and extensibility.

For those that care, Gemini  5 is the world’s first line-of-business application built using Microsoft’s latest ASP.NET MVC4 technology stack. Using the latest technology has given us a massive edge in terms of competitiveness and future-proofing the project platform that is Gemini.

Gemini 5 can be downloaded and installed or used on-demand in the cloud (software-as-a-service). And it supports any browser including IE 8/9/10, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox.

When you compare Gemini’s feature-set with it’s download size then you start understand why Gemini 5 is going to excel for a very long time. What else will let you run your entire company on a single 20MB download?!

Given the underlying technology stack is the latest and greatest, it’s no surprise to hear that Gemini runs faster than most trackers you will come across. No soft or hard data limits – built to perform. There is built-in support for Content Delivery Networks so that pages load faster – another first in the field of ALM, tracking and project management tools.

The Best Grid By A Mile

Gemini 4 provided a pretty neat grid that displayed items you cared about. It sported inline editing since 2005 and provided filtering capabilities that minimized clicks and jumps.

Gemini 5 just turned the game up-side-down with a grid and filter facility that runs as fast as you can click. No horrible limitations and no silly “please refresh your page” messages. Instant results there and then.

When you have found items you care about simply click on the Comments column to view the latest commentary from your co-workers or customers. No jumping around different screens.

Another killer feature is the ability expand to see all dependent items on the grid. Great for showing the breakdown of a Story into discrete tasks.


Drag-Drop Item Sequencing

Need to share the order work gets done? Gemini 5 brings drag-drop sequencing faster than you can drop. Intuitive and works you just as you would expect it to.

Ever wanted to prioritize across multiple projects? No problem, just select your projects and sequence your work. Everyone sees your sequence instantly.


See why Gemini 5 excels at issue and project tracking:

Rapid Planning – Agile By Nature

With the all-new Plan feature you can get data into the system while it's still in your head. Great for high level planning or brainstorming sessions thanks to hierarchical data entry.

You can even use drag-drop to sequence your task plan.



A Planning Board That Scales

Gemini 5 also introduces a new planning board that goes well beyond traditional Scrum and Kanban boards. It sets the benchmark for visual task management. With Lane Limits, Card Limits, Color-by fields, Dual Axes, Dynamic Rows or Columns and much more.

With Swimlane Scrolling™ you can view large data sets just by flipping through the data. Makes managing large Scrum backlog or Marketing projects a snap. Another world-first.

Agile, Scrum, Kanban or none, this is simply the most flexible and user-friendly Planning Board bar none.


Get the full low-down on the new benchmark for Planning Boards:

Introducing AppNav™ – How All Apps Should Work

When did you last see something totally different and said “Wow!”. That’s what we heard when the AppNav™ approach to project tracking was first shown at Microsoft TechEd back in June.

No more project email. No more jumping between different places and projects.  Another world-first.


Deep dive into what makes the AppNav™ approach so special:

Project Templates – start any kind of Project

Another world-first. Create projects from templates that are pre-populated with meta data, tuned with appropriate taxonomy and simplified administration.

Your agile projects will talk about “Scrum”.

You marketing projects will talk about “Campaigns, Channels and Initiatives”.

And your issue tracking projects will contain Bugs, Issues and whatever else you need.



Breeze – Help Desk Done Right

Gemini 5 brings a complete new Marketplace framework that allows anyone to build any app and drop right into Gemini. Breeze is our first Gemini app.

Channel all inbound enquiries and emails into Queues that you can actually control.

Leverage the powerful Match Expressions engine to transform incoming emails into actionable tickets.

One click in Microsoft Outlook converts any email into a ticket. No cut-paste, no forwarding.


See what else Breeze can do for you:

And finally…

The new Gemini website will show and tell you about all the new capabilities we could not list here.

Enjoy Gemini 5.


Harvey Kandola

Founder & CEO