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Introducing Gemini 5

Thursday, August 02, 2012, 12:44:23 PM

Gemini has been deployed by over 8,000 customers in 75 countries. It is used by small, large, government, not-for-profits and even by individuals leveraging our free 3 user license.

Over the years we listened to our customers who put Gemini to a wide variety of uses - Software Development, ALM, help desk management, email-to-ticketing, project management, procurement, job management, consulting engagement control and more.

Gemini has always been more than just a software-centric Issue Tracker. It’s a fact that Gemini adopters tend to roll out Gemini much further than the software team. And this is where traditional, one-dimensional Bug & Issue Trackers and Agile/Scrum Planners fall down.

Gemini 5 has evolved into something that you will not find anywhere else – a platform for managing and tracking tasks, tickets, issues, requirements, tests, cases, enquiries…across the enterprise, without compromise. People have tried to shoe-horn a regular Issue Tracker or re-purpose a Scrum Planner tool, but eventually it will break.

Hence Gemini 5 has been designed from the ground up (yes, ground up) to ensure customers can consolidate all tracking and workflow across all teams, and dispense with multiple tools like Jira, FogBugz, OnTime, Rally, VersionOne, TeamPulse, Zendesk and the like. One tool, one platform to manage software development, help desk, ticketing, testing, marketing and beyond.

Gemini 5 has been developed using the latest technology to provide unmatched performance, capability and flexibility:

  • Feature-rich capabilities in a single 20mb download – a bloat-free zone with the best feature/download ratio in the marketplace by a mile
  • No practical limits on projects or data – built to scale and perform as your tracking needs grow beyond the basics
  • The fastest data grid – results are returned instantly on every change of the filter without caching tricks or limited filters 
  • Intuitive drag-drop task sequencing and dependency show/hide – just as you would expect
  • Rapid planning enabling quick entry of items with dependencies – document brainstorming sessions in seconds
  • A Planning Board that can actually plan beyond small teams – innovative paging ensures that large workloads are managed effectively
  • Visionary navigation with unique AppNav™ cards that place your universe front-and-center
  • Badge notifications with AppNav™ cards meaning instant change notifications without email interruption
  • Share AppNav™ cards that represent views, reports, filters, with co-workers and stakeholders
  • Optimized for speed with support for loading assets through any Content Delivery Network (CDN) – faster page loads, happy users
  • First to market with Project Templates that deliver per project taxonomy – respect every team's jargon and workflow
  • Introduction of the Gemini Marketplace allowing technology partners to build extensions that bring new capabilities into Gemini (showcase coming soon!)
  • Introducing Breeze, a Gemini extension app that brings email-to-ticketing to any project or team
  • Support for social user login with Facebook, Google and Open Id
  • Fully user timezone aware for localized dates and times
  • Smarter inline editing that allows you to change more than one field at a time
  • …and more!

You could say that Gemini 5 is “game-changing” but the reality is that Gemini 5 has taken the “task & tracking” space into to a whole new world.

Enjoy the Beta release!