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Gemini Review By Anton Starovoytov

Wednesday, January 18, 2012, 1:12:06 PM

A short product review by one of our customers!

About 1,5 years ago our company started to find a solution which should replace the old forum-like self-written system to manage customers' requests and questions.

The new solution should meet the following requirements:

  • it should be installed on our server
  • it should be fully customizable, both for issue fields and workflow
  • roles and permissions should allow to use the system for several customers independently, as well as to have different access rights for different types of our and customer employees
  • it should be possible to integrate it with our insurance system solution (automatic login and new user registration)
  • it should be possible to translate the user interface into Russian and Ukrainian languages
  • user interface should be simple enough to understand by major of people not very familiar with computers
  • the price should not be too high as we need unlimited users and lifetime license

We have reviewed many other issue tracking systems, including Jira and Redmine, but finally we have chosen Gemini as it fits the best all our requirements.

Since that time we have never regretted about this decision. The support of Countersoft team was perfect - they answered very quickly and comprehensive to our newbies questions and also it was really nice to see the tracking of our own issues about new functionality requests in Gemini itself.

We have configured the issue fields, types and their visibility that way which we need, as well as created many workflows depending on issue types. We have successfully integrated Gemini with our insurance BACK-OFFICE system so it is now possible to create a new Gemini user from our system and also nice "Support" button follows the user of our system directly to Gemini with auto-login feature. The user interface was fully translated and all our customers very fast got familiar with it.

At the moment we have about 2.500 users and about 9.000 issues in Gemini and it still works very fast and stable.

Also very convenient are email messages about new issues or comments. I find this much better than for example in our old system where all the new issues we marked inside the system red as "unread" and I had to click on each inside the system to read it and remove this highlighting. Now I usually work with Gemini exactly in the following matter: view emails filtered by customers, mark important emails as "not read" to review later or if I need to write something back - go directly to Gemini. Here it would be nice to add a link in email to view the issue, because I have to copy&paste the number manually, but this is not really a problem.

Well, the only thing I really don't like is that the files are stored inside the database and not on the file system.

As the conclusion I would like to say that Gemini is for me the right tool for the good price to meet the needs of my company and my customers.

Anton Starovoytov, CEO, ProfITsoft GmbH