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How to Convert Emails to Tickets with Gemini

Thursday, January 05, 2012, 6:24:15 PM

The Converse add-on for Gemini allows end-users and customers to communicate with you entirely through email. Converse empowers you to move emails into Gemini, notify the customer, and even attach any subsequent emails as comments to your ticket. The sender of an email is notified each time you change the ticket ensuring simple two-way communication all through email.

  • Track all customer email contact
  • Automatically acknowledge customer emails
  • Strip unwanted text from emails and concentrate on the actual customer problem
  • Slick, seamless and baked into Gemini alongside all your other projects

Define which emails are to be selected, processed and then determine where to place them within Gemini. Set default values, define powerful email match rules to pin-point emails of interest. You can even define your own matching algorithm by utilizing the built-in plug-in framework for greater control.

  • Regular expression matching to filter only required emails
  • Tune default values for newly created tickets
  • Black-list email, domain control

Customer Send Email

End-users and customers can simply email their enquiries and Converse will process them.


People love email so just let them email their tickets.

Converse Turns Email Into Ticket

Emails are represented as "tickets" inside of Gemini with email alerts notifying users about the new "ticket" creation.




Customer Receives Acknowledgement Notification

Customizable email notification templates mean customers receive branded acknowledgements.



Allow your customers to respond to email alerts with additional information or questions. Everything is linked together.



Converse Records Customer Response

All email correspondence is recorded against the single ticket that was created.


Essential Features

The Converse add-on for Gemini Issue Tracker is all the key things you need to automate your help desk with email.

  • POP3 and IMAP Support
  • Intelligent "From" Email Address Management
  • Configurable Email Processing Engine
  • Automatically set default data values
  • Customizable email templates per mailbox

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