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Gemini Screen Capture Error “Please enter valid Issue ID!”


I am attempting to use the Gemini Screen Capture tool to send an image to Gemini Issue Tracker. 


Here are my current installation steps:

1) Installed Gemini Screen Capture on my PC

2)Changed the GSC.reg file to read as follows:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00






     3) Ran and CSX.Reg file and verified the values in the registery

     4)Verify Gemini is listed as a web service on the Server


However, when I attempt send the image, its says “ Please enter valid Issue ID!”


How do I get a valid issue id? 

Is there any detailed documentation?






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You need to get the Issue ID to which the image should be added. Usually you will get this from the web app or the desktop app.

The error message simply means that the issue id you have entered is not on the system.

Mark Wing
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Mark Wing