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Timer Apps - Do they keep running?


I am planning our upgrade from Gemini 4 to 5. On 4, Converse ran as a windows service. I don't see where that is the case on 5 Breeze.

When upgrading, do I disable the v4 scheduled service? Do I need to download/upgrade that service too?

Also: if v5 does not run as a windows service, does Breeze continue to pickup emails if people are not actively requesting pages from Gemini and the AppPool recycles? (It is common that, ASP.NET applications just stop on AppPool restart if nobody is interacting with them.)

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You do not need the service. If you use Breeze then you will need to create a windows task (Task Scheduler) to "ping" your URL once every hour to make sure the app pool is "alive".

Saar Cohen
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Saar Cohen