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Get TimeTypes method missing



I want to know what´s the equivalent method to get all time types. In API v4.0 there was a method called GetIssueTimeType() returning a IssueTimeTypeEN. However in API 5.1.3 there is no such method. All I know is that the equivalent class is called TimeType but no method that allows me to get all timetypes (including it names) is found on the Meta service (since the new class is in Meta module).

The only GetTimeTypes method I found is in IssueFilter however that only retrieves me a list of type ids for a specific issue. I want a list of all time type (it details)

In the other hand, where I can find more documentation of what of each API method do? There´s no description for each method or class properties that may give me a fast insight of what it do.

Jack Cáceres
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Jack Cáceres
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You can't do it right now, but it will be in our next Gemini 5.1.5 release, which will be out this month.

Documentations are in progress and will be ready in january.

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