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Project Dashboard Query -> DB Server 100%, Issue Creation Fails


We have a project with 200,000 issues and extensive use of custom fields. After recently upgrading from 3.7 to 4.0, it appears we're having the following issue:

When creating a new issue, the user sees the form refresh and then the form is redisplayed with the data the user has entered. Basically it appears to the user as if a ticket was not created. HOWEVER,

A ticket IS created but no custom data fields are entered.

Looking at the Error log, there are lots of timeouts. We are also seeing the following:

could not insert: [CounterSoft.Gemini.Commons.Entity.CustomFieldDataEN][SQL: INSERT INTO gemini_customfielddata (customfieldid, userid, projectid, issueid, fielddata, numericdata, datedata) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?); select SCOPE_IDENTITY()] at CounterSoft.Gemini.DataProvider.x73a34067f4cd229a.xc1ec1f9ef56c279e(BaseEN x6fcb9c1c812a0558) at CounterSoft.Gemini.DataProvider.x4f26f7a726757349.x98167ace0b5ecb96(CustomFieldDataEN xa9612bca9a8d4681) at CounterSoft.Gemini.Business.xa07794653f9cfd6c.x98167ace0b5ecb96(Int32 xdf6548ad179b4d83, Int32 xa8708020b9a21a3a, Int32 x663e02d322c995c9, Int32 x355911e78459e33a, String xb3d3a4bd6f15cb09, Nullable`1 xb4e06133045dbd65, Nullable`1 x28653e6ce0db92a1) at CounterSoft.Gemini.Business.xa07794653f9cfd6c.x98167ace0b5ecb96(Int32 x8e364d4f8ef50a9f, Int32 x6bb84bca75f1cd8b, Int32 x264368c911801f5b, AbstractCustomFieldDataEN x732c0a0fe634473a) at CounterSoft.Gemini.Presenter.IssuePresenter.SaveCustomFields(Int32 userID, Int32 projectID, Int32 issueID, Repeater customFieldRepeater) at CounterSoft.Gemini.Web.Controls.IssueUC.AddIssue()

Looking at the SQL Server CPU usage, it's spiking at 100% any time any of the users navigates to the project and views the dashboard. The dashboard query takes 15-20 seconds to execute. Since we have dozens of users accessing the system at the same time, I believe this is collectively causing issues with creating issues/inserting data.

Please assist.

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