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Having a very hard time filtering and sorting



I have a project with Features. Each Feature has a hierarchy of Sub Tasks.

If I view the Feature or either of the Sub Tasks, I get to see the entire hierarchy and which Sub Task has been closed and the status of each Sub Task. This is great!

However, what I cannot do, is view the entire hierarchy of a Feature and simultaneously see the priority, severity, and progress of each Sub Task in the hierarchy.

This is important, because I want to view a Feature and sort the Sub Tasks in the hierarchy by priority so it's easy to see which items to work on first.

The way it is now, I have to manually click through to each Sub Task in the hierarchy and manually remember which ones are most important after I look at each one.

The default sort for the hierarchy seems to be based on when the Sub Task was added to the hierarchy only. This isn't very useful to me.

So I tried to view all of the items in a hierarchy from the Items View of the project. However, the problem with this is that there doesn't seem to be any filter that will allow me to only view a Feature and all of its Sub Tasks in the Items View.

Can someone please help me understand what I need to do to view a hierarchy with the ability to sort the items in the hierarchy by something other than item ID?


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This is coming in 5.0. At the moment you can only show the whole hierarchy when filtering by id. In 5.0 you'll be able to filter by "parent" only, parent and kids etc...

Further more, you'll see the items grouped under the parent so you can expand the parent to see the full hierarchy.

Saar Cohen
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Saar Cohen