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Hello. I want to style the description when viewing an item.


I was able to track down ViewIssue.aspx and I found an asp label whose ID is "lblDesc". I know for sure that I'm in the right place as I'm able to change the font-color just fine.

However, no matter what I do, I cannot alter the size or the background color.

So I went back to the Gemini and went to Project Administrator-->Default Values and I tried to set a default size, color, and background for the description field and that's when I noticed that there is a "style" option.

However, I cannot figure out how to add entries in the dropdown.

Can someone tell me what I'm missing please?


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Simply change the web.config file (tiny mce section) to add your style:

<add key="theme_advanced_styles" value= "Justify Left=justifyLeft"/>

Mark Wing
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Mark Wing