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TortoiseSVN + Gemini with any SVN server, no changes at server


Integrating Gemini with SVN adds a lot to Gemini's benefits.

alt text

alt text

Integrating with hooks at the server end can be a technical challenge at least, and just plain impossible in some cases. Consider my own case: I use a server provider with a large Linux farm. They offer SVN, but they will not allow a lowly $25/mo customer like me to install hooks into their SVN server! Furthermore, they require svn+ssh:// access.

I was thus driven to take the Gemini-supplied integration code and transform it into a Windows client-side package. You install this on your Windows development machine, along with Tortoise SVN. The two work together to provide full integration with Gemini. If you supply a Gemini issue number with a commit from Tortoise or Visual SVN, the Gemini issue gets the info added as shown above.

alt text

Assuming you have gotten command line Subversion running with your (remote) repositories (particularly for svn+ssh), installing this is a 10 minute process max. It is a self-contained installer that puts everything into place and makes the pre- and post-commit scripts for your system. All you have to do is edit a config file for your Gemini URL, username, password or API key, then put the hook paths in TortoiseSVN Settings. The manual describes this in detail, as well as how to set up the bugtraq properties on your project roots, etc. A developer who uses Tortoise should be able to figure this out easily.

I've attached a copy of the installer here, and here's a link to the package. This requires Gemini 3.7 or later (4.0 is OK).


Edited 09-Apr-2011 for new Atlas system and to note that it works on Gemini 4.0 systems as well.

Gemini-TSVN-3.7.4.exe ]
Bob Denny
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Bob Denny
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Is it possible to have this on the server-side?

The main barrier for me in adopting this nice looking package is it is yet another thing to be installed on every dev's machines and can be manipulated or uninstalled by them.

I've had a quick look at the integration project in the download area and tried to get a sample up and running but am not sure if I've missed something. It all seems very possible if you do have access to the servers except for one issue. You cannot seem to set or send the commit author's name?

We use AD and the site runs windows integrated security and 'could' do asp.net impersonation too and try to pass on the auth token but that tends to be a bit like trying to stuff and octopus into a string bag!

Is it possible to get the commit authors name and have this hook enforced on the server?

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