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Customized resource list based on the current assigned person


Dear Gemini user,

We have to deal with 2 problems:

1. We have a too long list of resource people. It is then difficult to find the right person to assign and it is easy to do a mistake.

2. We want the person that assign the resources to follow the defined people workflow.

For example:

The people workflow could be:

Requester <=> people in charge of analysing the request <=> developpers <=> people in charge of testing

We want to avoid the requester to assign directly to the developpers for example.

The solution would be to create by project a post and a previous assigned resource list for each resource person. This management will be faster when the user groups will be implemented.

In other words, we would like to get the same solution we currently have for the status. We would like to get the status workflow and the people workflow.

Thank you for your answer

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not helpful

Moreover, in the case where the issue is assigned to the developpers, a requester should not be allowed to modify the assigned resource, otherwise he will have access to the resource list available for developpers.

So we need to define an other setting for the solution to work.

We suggest that we attribute a list of resource people for each user. This user will be allowed to modify the assigned resource person on condition that the person assigned to the issue belong to the user list.

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