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During Upgrade from 2.0.5 to 2.1.1 Registration Code is not recognized !


We bought a license earlier in the year.

We just moved our server from VM to a real physical server and during the process we also did and upgrade from older release of Gemini 2.0.5 to newer 2.1.1

The registration code from 2.0.5 is not working in 2.1.1 and we are having issues with not more than 10 users being able to log on to Gemini and its creating a lot of support calls to help desk

Is there a new registration code which needs to be used for 2.1.1 or is that something got missed out on our end during the upgrade process. 


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2.1.1 has a new registration code.  You should have received an email.  Trying logging into the Client Portal your code should be there also.

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