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Project Management Suite Is Back Online!!!


Before the flogging begins, let me give you a bit of background on our situation.

We have a dedicated virtual server being hosted through ASPNix. They are a terrible web host that would not respond to our requests for a restore of our database. Without this, we were unable to come back online. We had made numerous attempts to get it fixed but they never did it.

What ended up happening is one of our guys got to know a DotNetNuke team member and they were able to help resolve the issue. So, needless to say, the site is back up and running.

After our year is up with this host, we will find another place for the site to live but money is definitely an issue. We need the proper funds to find a reliabe host so anything you can give would be GREATLY appreciated and will help in delivering you a better product and a better site to host it on! So please, take a visit to the Donations page on the site.

Please let us know if you experience any issues and again, we are very sorry for this outage. I know it was long and uncalled for but you can send all of those thanks to the ASPNix web host at

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